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  • “Helpful and very friendly “– Data Entry Associate (candidate)03/15/2021
  • “The recruiters always seem to have exactly what you're looking for and they work with you to find you the right job that fits your schedule. “– High Reach Forklift Associate (candidate)03/12/2021
  • “Brianna has been great to work with. She has been prompt with all replies and follow ups.”– Data Entry Associate (candidate)03/11/2021
  • “Chris was on top of everything during the whole interview and job offer process.”– Customer Service Representative (candidate)03/10/2021
  • “JFC has great service and helps you find jobs that fit your career goals.”– Patient Account Associate (candidate)03/05/2021
  • “I was a JFC employee in the past and had a great experience with the job I was assigned to back then and working for an agency again, almost 10 years later, the experience with JFC is still great.”– Patient Account Associate (candidate)03/05/2021
  • “My agent Michael Hochreiter, He pushed and never wavered until he found a company just right for me. Best agent at JFC in my opinion by far […] Everything was great.”– Shipping Associate (candidate)03/03/2021
  • “I think JFC is the best temp to work with. Courtney did a great job.”– Assemblers (candidate)02/26/2021
  • “Excellent Staff”– Shipping Associate (candidate)02/23/2021
  • “The customer service skills are on point and the concern they have for their employees is very courteous. Keep doing what you're doing.”– Administrative Assistant (candidate)02/16/2021
  • “Chris Kokes, my recruiter, has been very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. I have enjoyed working and interacting with him. He has also worked along with my client supervisor to get any issues resolved quickly. I am loving the assignment and am very excited about the potential[…]”– Medical Office Associate (candidate)02/11/2021
  • “Maria was extremely helpful and understanding she got me to a job that I asked for. Can't do much better than that”– Crew Leader (candidate)02/10/2021
  • “I think they're doing a wonderful job. No complaints.”– Medical Office Associate (candidate)02/08/2021
  • “Excellent communication and amazing opportunities. My agent found a job that met and exceeded my expectations. […] Everything is great. “– Polisher (candidate)02/02/2021
  • “The staff are just incredible to work with […] At this point I am very happy with my experience with JFC staffing […] “– Patient Account Associate (candidate)01/14/2021
  • “They are very courteous when I call them. They are prompt with responding to emails/phone calls. They work to quickly find the next assignment so there isn't a big gap between paychecks.”– Patient Account Associate (candidate)01/12/2021
  • “Chris Kokes was extremely professional and dedicated. He found the job that was the right fit for me…exactly what I was looking for. I have already given his information to another individual. The process was efficient and outcome was beneficial for me.”– Medical Office Manager (candidate)01/12/2021
  • “Taylor went above and beyond my expectations of a recruiter. By far the best agency I have experienced. Taylor exceeded expectations and talked me through anything I didn't know or had questions about. Her preparation was top notch and answered all of my questions in detail.”– Mechanical Assembler (candidate)01/12/2021
  • “Very professional!”– Maintenance Technician (candidate)01/05/2021
  • “JFC Staffing listened to my needs and matched me with a job that fit my needs.”– CNC Machinist (candidate)01/05/2021

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