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We’re staffing specialists focused on meeting the needs of Job Seekers and Hiring Managers. With years of recruiting experience in Central PA, our goal is to help launch careers that benefit employees and employers alike.

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  • “Great recruiter[Chris Kokes], obtained a position quickly, love my job placement […] JFC staffing has exceeded my expectations”– Account Maintenance Specialist (candidate)09/24/2020
  • “Everyone is friendly and everything was fast and easy. So far everything has been great […]”– Electronic Assembler (candidate)09/22/2020
  • “I'm overall pleased with my experience with JFC. Everyone is so nice and helpful.”– Housekeeper (candidate)09/10/2020
  • “Maria George has been excellent to work with. She typically is able to provide candidates that are well fitted to us. Other staffing services have struggled with this.”– Project Manager (client)09/01/2020
  • “You were accurate and excellent….always answered when I needed you[…]if I could give you more than 10 on the scale I would”– General Labor (candidate)09/01/2020
  • “This was the first temp agency I used where I had the same recruiter(Chris Kokes). There was constant communication and I felt like he had my back on every assignment. He actually wanted me to find a job that fit me, instead of just placing me somewhere.”– Office Administrator (candidate)08/28/2020
  • “They jump in right away and do everything they can to put you somewhere to work. Very friendly as well.”– Machine Operator (candidate)08/10/2020
  • “Great attitude […] you guys are at your best I don't think it can get any better”– Welder (candidate)08/06/2020
  • “Very thorough screening to make sure you get the best opportunity”– Administrative Assistant (candidate)07/30/2020
  • “The service that you provided was excellent I was very pleased”– Welder (candidate)07/28/2020
  • “Taylor, my recruiter, worked very fast to find me a job. She was very professional. Taylor took the time to call me at the end of my first day to ask how things went and I thought that was awesome. So thanks to Taylor and JFC temps!”– Machine Operator (candidate)07/24/2020
  • “Maria was wonderful in helping me every step of the way. You guys have provided me with the least stressful job search I've ever gone through. For me you guys did a wonderful job staying in contact, keeping me informed, and helping me improve my skills to be more valuable to a company[…]”– Industrial Maintenance Technician (candidate)07/10/2020
  • “Deb was very diligent and helpful.”– Warehouse Associate (candidate)07/07/2020
  • “Taylor was most helpful. It was easy and efficient. I got a quick interview and started immediately.”– Machine Operator (candidate)05/20/2020
  • “Very responsive, professional, and courteous.”– Machine Operator (candidate)05/18/2020
  • “JFC has been very helpful in any situation They are very pleasant and care about their employees.”– Machine Operator (candidate)05/12/2020
  • “I have been with the company for many years and it has improved very much. This past year has been the best for me.”– Data Entry Specialist (candidate)05/11/2020
  • “If you continue to match associates to requirement as you did Josh I would recommend JFC to anyone. You hit it out of the park on Josh.”– Supervisor (client)05/05/2020
  • “Great service and very helpful. I'm very satisfied with the job she has got me thank you so much it helped me out a lot.”– Machine Operator (candidate)03/19/2020
  • “Organized and efficient. Managed to find a perfect job for me. I know it was not easy.”– Clerk (candidate)03/10/2020

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