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We’re staffing specialists focused on meeting the needs of Job Seekers and Hiring Managers. With years of recruiting experience in Central PA, our goal is to help launch careers that benefit employees and employers alike.

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  • “The level of professionalism exhibited by JFC staff to match the needs of employment seekers with employers and the level of commitment to maintaining effective communication throughout the process.”– Data Entry Clerk (candidate)08/23/2021
  • “Professional people to work with”– Ecommerce Fulfillment Representative (candidate)08/17/2021
  • “Kerry was so nice and got me to work quickly with no hassles. She communicated with me and made sure I was informed of what was going on. The paperwork online was simple. I see nothing that needs improved. The staff is totally professional.”– Electrical Panel Assembler (candidate)08/06/2021
  • “Charles has been nothing but great. Great work ethic, great attitude, follows instructions, etc.. He has been awesome so far.”– Operations Manager (client)08/06/2021
  • “My experience with Brianna was excellent. She is very upbeat and personable. […] JFC provides the extra step that I have not experienced with the agency I have previously used. Two examples being the meeting to prepare me for a successful interview and the Virtual Lunch I am looking forward to attending next week. “– Accounts Receivable (candidate)07/14/2021
  • “Stuff like that doesn't come up in conversation much for me, but I would recommend JFC if someone were to mention they were looking for a new job because it worked out very well for me. The recruiter Kerry was very nice and helpful. […] my experience was great. “– Panel Wireperson (candidate)06/24/2021
  • “Great customer service and prompt responses.”– Shipping Associate (candidate)06/24/2021
  • “Kerry did an excellent job finding me employment! […]You guys are great”– Cleaner (candidate)06/24/2021
  • “How helpful the recruiters are. In my opinion it's perfect”– Press Operator (candidate)06/22/2021
  • “I was given a good service from JFC. Keep up your good care and service from your employees.”– Production Operator (candidate)06/14/2021
  • “Deb Shindel is who I deal with most often at my local branch and she does an excellent job with anything I reach out to her about.”– Distribution Center Manager (client)06/10/2021
  • “Taylor was the recruiter I worked with. She was able to get me an interview in no time […]”– Fulfillment Supervisor (candidate)06/09/2021
  • “Great people, awesome attitude.”– Fulfillment Supervisor (candidate)06/08/2021
  • “JFC has been great with me helping me get a great job and understanding my goals. You guys are great!!!”– Assembler (candidate)06/03/2021
  • “The lady I've been working with, Courtney Shaffer, is fantastic.”– Machine Operator (candidate)05/28/2021
  • “The communication is great. If I have any questions there is a quick response/reply back.”– Data Entry Associate (candidate)05/28/2021
  • “JFC was very helpful in seeking employment. Chris Kokes was very thorough with helping me find a job within the type of work, schedule, and income that I was seeking. “– Customer Service Representative (candidate)05/20/2021
  • “Chris was a great listener and found me a wonderful place to work. I wanted variety in a job and a better atmosphere to work in. He found that and much more. “– Administrative Assistant (candidate)05/19/2021
  • “I was contacted promptly by Kerry Denny and her follow up, from day one through today, is very professional and to the point. […] Kerry covered all aspects and was detail oriented. Kerry's helpful, cheerful, and uplifting spirit gives the job candidate a more positive road to follow. […] Keep up the good work!”– Fulfillment Supervisor (candidate)05/13/2021
  • “Chris presented me with assignment options, not just one, which was great[…]I do not think I mentioned it to him at the time, but I always get nervous with interviews. However, I felt prepared for it after doing my interview prep with him.[…]I could go on and on about how seamless Chris made this experience for me.”– Patient Account Associate (candidate)05/06/2021

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