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  • “Greg was great! He was very helpful and made sure my experience with my new job is all I expected.”– Customer Service Representative (candidate)07/20/2023
  • “Josh was very helpful and informative with positions available.”– Registration Associate (candidate)07/17/2023
  • “I m really thankful to Kerry Denny for helping me to find the right job for me. She was amazing […] I would definitely recommend JFC to my friends and family.”– Production Associate (candidate)07/17/2023
  • “I was contacted by Rob about a job recently and the whole process was really positive! He was polite and professional and took the time to go through all the details of the position[…] I am very happy with the whole experience and would recommend Rob to anyone looking for a job!”– Receptionist (candidate)07/17/2023
  • “She [Courtney Shaffer] was very cordial and respectful, very knowledgeable explaining what the company stands for, was always in communication with what the next steps were and who I should expect to be contacting me in each step.[…] from my experience it seems that there s great communication in the team […] “– Supply Technician (candidate)06/14/2023
  • “Courtney was awesome. She was very attentive throughout the process. Courtney was extremely helpful with the transition. The communication helped me a lot to make the transition smooth. “– Quality Control Technician (candidate)06/14/2023
  • “Josh was nothing short of amazing. Gave me lots of tips and helped every step of the way. If I needed anything he got right back to me Josh is really good at his job!”– Customer Service Representative (candidate)06/02/2023
  • “We have had a great experience with JFC, and especially in the last couple of months where we have hired two full time employees as well as [candidate name] temporarily through JFC. [Candidate] has been everything we could ask for and more[…] She really fits in well and we all enjoy working with her. “– Hiring Manager (client)04/20/2023
  • “Rob was great! He was available to answer any question that I had and was very responsive to emails. I appreciate all his help!”– Legal Administrative Assistant (candidate)04/20/2023
  • “Josh was so great to work with! […] He got answers from employers that I might not have been able to get myself and he worked to get my requirements met from prospective employers. […] There is nothing that you could have done better. My experience was excellent!”– Customer Service Representative (candidate)04/03/2023
  • “Greg is awesome to work with. He is very professional and always responds to my questions quickly.”– Registration Associate (candidate)03/14/2023
  • “He [Eric Landon] was very helpful in every aspect. Answered every question. Is constantly in contact making sure I’m still okay with the job applied for.”– Assembler (candidate)03/14/2023
  • “Josh is friendly, helpful and encouraging. I felt his communication was just right. Not too much and not too little. I look forward to staying in touch during my 1st month at the new job.”– Administrative Assistant (candidate)03/14/2023
  • “This is the second placement we have had with JFC, both have exceeded our expectations. We hired our last placement, and would love to keep [Candidate] on for as long as possible[…] The tasks that we needed filled are a bit repetitive and mundane, but that does not keep [Candidate] from having a smile on their face!”– VP of HR (client)03/13/2023
  • “Josh was great! He had very good communication and was very informative throughout the whole process[…]It was a good experience and I appreciated the communication and responsiveness very much.”– Administrative Assistant (candidate)03/03/2023
  • “I like working with Kerry Denny. She kept me up with what is going on. She is a very friendly person and she answered all my questions I had. “– Utility Assembler (candidate)02/23/2023
  • ” He [Robert Hanosek] was very informative and reliable. He always got back to me as soon as he could with questions I had. He was always very polite. “– HR Manager (candidate)02/23/2023
  • “Tamara has been very kind and helpful through out the whole interviewing and hiring process. She is amazing at communicating and I truly appreciate all the help & information I have received from Tamara. […] every question was answered, communication was on point. Respectful and kind. “– Customer Service (candidate)02/23/2023
  • “Greg kept great contact in letting me know how each process was progressing. “– Receptionist (candidate)02/23/2023
  • “Josh is very thorough and conscientious and I would recommend him to any of my colleagues who might need JFC Services.”– Administrative Coordinator (candidate)02/23/2023

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