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  • “I have worked with JFC in the past and have never had a bad experience.”– Customer Service Representative (candidate)11/11/2020
  • “I got a job within a week of joining. My agent was extremely helpful and answered all my questions thoroughly and was very pleasant throughout my experience.”– CNC Lathe Operator (candidate)11/11/2020
  • “Out of the many staffing companies available, JFC has been the most responsive.”– Administrative Assistant (candidate)10/29/2020
  • “JFC provided effective and efficient services. I was pleased with the amount of progress that was completed after applying for some positions[…] I found everything to be exceptional from the recruiters, to the payroll department, and reception. Everyone was incredibly helpful, and genuinely cares for your success.”– Receptionist (candidate)10/27/2020
  • “Courtney was very diligent in helping me get a job and helping me get started right away. She was determined to make my entire experience great and I'm entirely grateful for this. Hire more people like Courtney Shaffer. “– Service Store Clerk (candidate)10/22/2020
  • “My recruiter Chris Kokes has been amazing. He has been there every step to help me get my interview as well as help me with time cards. Even when I forgot something or couldn't find what I needed to give him at that time , Chris was very understanding and available to be reached.[…]”– Receptionist (candidate)10/22/2020
  • “My recruiter Dani has been very helpful to me and the jobs that are available. This is my second temp job that I have gotten through JFC. I have been pretty happy with everything.”– Clerical Assistant (candidate)10/15/2020
  • “Easy to work with and they found jobs that fit the requirements and they fought for the right pay for said jobs”– Customer Service Representative (candidate)10/13/2020
  • “Everyone is extremely nice and professional. Taylor Krinock did an excellent job finding me several positions to choose from I highly recommend JFC! My experience was exceptional[…]”– Shipping Clerk (candidate)10/13/2020
  • “Everybody I have had the pleasure of interacting with from JFC has been a delight.”– Service Store Clerk (candidate)10/08/2020
  • “The company is really helpful and has great communication […] everything is going great”– Picker (candidate)10/07/2020
  • “Recruiter was very friendly and professional”– Machine Operator (candidate)09/29/2020
  • “Great recruiter[Chris Kokes], obtained a position quickly, love my job placement […] JFC staffing has exceeded my expectations”– Account Maintenance Specialist (candidate)09/24/2020
  • “Everyone is friendly and everything was fast and easy. So far everything has been great […]”– Electronic Assembler (candidate)09/22/2020
  • “I'm overall pleased with my experience with JFC. Everyone is so nice and helpful.”– Housekeeper (candidate)09/10/2020
  • “Maria George has been excellent to work with. She typically is able to provide candidates that are well fitted to us. Other staffing services have struggled with this.”– Project Manager (client)09/01/2020
  • “You were accurate and excellent….always answered when I needed you[…]if I could give you more than 10 on the scale I would”– General Labor (candidate)09/01/2020
  • “This was the first temp agency I used where I had the same recruiter(Chris Kokes). There was constant communication and I felt like he had my back on every assignment. He actually wanted me to find a job that fit me, instead of just placing me somewhere.”– Office Administrator (candidate)08/28/2020
  • “They jump in right away and do everything they can to put you somewhere to work. Very friendly as well.”– Machine Operator (candidate)08/10/2020
  • “Great attitude […] you guys are at your best I don't think it can get any better”– Welder (candidate)08/06/2020

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