Jim Carchidi of JFC received the Edward M. Messner Inspiring Business Award

Published in the West Shore Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting Recap: “Jim Carchidi of JFC Staffing Companies received the Edward M. Messner Inspiring Business Award due to his continuous inspiration for business interaction and growth. As CEO a.k.a. Chief Enthusiasm Officer of the JFC Staffing Companies, a recipient of the Central Penn Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award, a past finalist for two Entrepreneur of the Year awards. An avid student in the fields of neuroscience, leadership, organizational development and psychology; James wants to inspire the world to generate greater mental effectiveness so that people can realize more of their potential on both a professional and personal level. Jim will tell you that his company exists to serve others and to positively impact their lives. Many have argued, “You can serve all you want but that soft stuff doesn’t make you money, and if you don’t make a profit you’ll go out of business, then you won’t be serving anyone.”   His reply is always the same: we also need air, water, and food to survive; but the purpose of life is not to just breathe, drink, and eat. Who does James serve?  His fellow JFCrs!  He tells them all the time “you are my #1 customer”. He believes that when they are cared for, they are engaged and when they are engaged so too are their external customers. Recruiting may be JFC’s industry, but delivering positive experiences while impacting lives is definitely their business!” https://wschamber.org/annual-meeting-dinner-recap/