Why Work with a Recruiter?

A recruiter goes above and beyond what you can do to market your skills to companies who are actively looking for people with your skill set.  Your recruiter will take time to learn the work environments and management styles you prefer and get your resume in front of hiring managers at companies where you will be a good fit.  The more you share with your recruiter about your ideal position and lifestyle preferences, the more your recruiter will be able to help you find what it is you’re REALLY looking for in a career.

Recruiters are Free!

There is no fee to the job seeker to work with a JFC Workforce recruiter.  Recruiters get paid by the client when they find them the right talent.  You pay nothing out of pocket so it’s a great option to consider to land a great job!

What does a recruiter do, that I can’t do in my own job search?

You search internet job boards and send your resume with the hope of hearing back from someone.  Then, there’s no response.  You wonder if the company received your resume.  It can feel like an endless and hopeless process on your own. 

Your recruiter has direct access to the decision makers at companies looking for an employee like you.  So, you’re not at the bottom of someone’s inbox, or worse, in their spam folder.   A recruiter contacts the company directly and presents you and your qualifications for a specific position.  Your recruiter works with you, providing a person to talk to and advocate for you during your job search. 

Recruiters also know about jobs that might not even be posted on a job board.  It costs money for companies to post jobs on most job boards.  So not all openings are posted.  Also, many times a job opening is confidential, and the hiring manager likes to work confidentially with a recruiter.   Working with a recruiter at JFC Workforce ensures you have all of your bases covered and provides you with a person to work with throughout your search.  It’s a win-win!

How Does Working with a Recruiter Improve My Chances of Getting a Job or an Interview?

A good recruiter is interested in making both the client and the candidate happy. It’s in the recruiter’s best interest to match candidates with positions and companies where they will thrive.  Recruiters also may have access to unadvertised positions that could be the perfect match for your skill set. We can market our candidate’s information to our clients for positions that may not be advertised.  Your recruiter may know an employer we work with is passively looking for someone just like you, but the position isn’t advertised publicly. 

Can My Recruiter Help Prepare Me for My Interview?

Offering help with resumes, editing and giving advice for free is how your recruiter goes above and beyond to help get you an interview.  Then, your recruiter will also help you prepare for what to expect in your interview with each client.  Your recruiter has talked directly with the hiring manager about the skills and experience they’re looking for in the right candidate.  They can share with you what skills and experience you have and should highlight to best position you to ace your interview.

Job Hunting Can Seem Like a Cold, Lonely World… 

Working with a recruiter makes it a more human and personal experience.  Your recruiter is someone on your side, helping you to find the best fit position, beyond your skill set.   Anyone can evaluate your skill set from your resume and interviews, but when you work with a recruiter, we go beyond that.  We take the time to get to know your personality and find out the environment where you will thrive.