Making Your Company a Top Employer

Everyone wants to have a great company to work for and believe that they are making a difference and are appreciated.  A problem comes when many employers make the claim of being a great employer, but actually are not.

Today, with unemployment rates the lowest since 1969 and the official unemployment rate at or below 4% for more than a year, potential employees enjoy more influence than they have since the 1990s. According to recent research from Willis Towers Watson, more than half of companies around the world are struggling to retain their best employees.

Companies in every industry are looking high and low for the right candidates.  Are you wondering how your company can attract the highest quality talent and be recognized as a top employer?  Here are some strategies for encouraging the best employees to seek your company out.

Develop a Positive Company Culture and Clear Mission

Candidates are drawn to a positive company culture, who wouldn’t be, right? Building a progressive and lively company culture can help employees come to you for a job. Focus on your core values and develop a mission that includes the type of company culture you’d like to have.  Ask your current staff where they’re thriving and why.  Knowing your core values will naturally draw candidates who are symbiotic and synergistic with your values and connected to your mission.  

Consistent Communication During the Hiring Process

Many companies issue an automatic reply to applicants, while many don’t send any response at all.  Think about how you feel when your correspondence receives no response and what message this sends to potential employees about how you will treat them when hired.  While practices like this are easy for hiring managers to cut down on work, they leave a negative taste in a job candidate’s mouth now, and in the future. If a candidate is unsuitable for a particular position but shows qualities and skills you may look for in the future, keep the channel of communication open with them.  Many candidates already have a relationship with a company or employees before applying.  

Be A Social Butterfly.

Social networks a great way to forge meaningful relationships with passive candidates. Building a network of connections on LinkedIn and other social media outlets can lead to creating a positive view of your company and more candidates seeking you out.  Post about your excellent company culture.  Show your employees being recognized for a job well done.  Encourage your staff to share a positive work experience.  This gets other people interested in your company’s core values and mission.

Hire for Retention

Gone are the days of hiring managers choosing a warm body to fill a role and moving on when that person doesn’t work out.  There are simply more jobs than applicants right now and employers need to think about placing the right people in the right seats, while also looking to keep them long-term.  Hiring in a rush without some thoughtful planning will leave you looking for a new candidate in a few months.  That’s a waste of your resources and gives your company a reputation as a transient employer. Give some thought to the long-term strategies of the business and the candidates’ true strengths, this can result in finding the best talent for long-term pain relief in your business. 

Expand Your Candidate Pool by Working with a Recruiting Company.

If you are struggling to find talent, consider working with a recruitment agency that specializes in the field of expertise you need to hire. When you partner with a recruiting agency, you are gaining access to a whole market of hidden talent that you would not have access to otherwise.  Recruitment agencies have done a lot of the hard work for you and have gathered an extensive pool of talent to choose from.

When you work with a recruiting agency, you no longer need to spend time looking through hundreds of resumes and arranging pre-screens with candidates who may not be a fit.  Your recruiter will handle this part of the process, allowing you to continue focusing on doing your best on the day to day business which requires your attention.