How Employers Get the Most from a Career Fair

Career fairs can be an excellent way to meet and pre-qualify candidates for your current and future openings. At a job or career fair, you will have the opportunity to personally meet candidates, present your company and discuss potential matches with your positions.   Do some planning to make sure you promote yourself at a job fair and attract the most qualified candidates.  Here are our tips for getting the most out of a career fair.

Let people know your company will be there.

Ask the hosts of the fair to incorporate your logo on event information, to tag you in social media posts, or mention your company on other media outlets.  Let your network and followers know that you will be there and include a list of open positions in your information.  Your hosts for the event may even have planned, promotional emails that you can use to engage with participants before the event.

Have your materials up to date and printed.

Attract participants to your booth with a colorful display of your company’s mission or workplace.  It gives your organization credibility and shows off your culture. Keep plenty of company literature available to offer to potential candidates and consider other giveaways or games to draw people to your booth.

Project the right atmosphere.

Your representatives at the event reflect on your organization.  Train your staff with the right words and responses to give the right impression. Make sure they are knowledgeable of your organization’s goals at the career fair and express them to potential candidates effectively. Know what positions are open now and, in the future, and have a working knowledge of what people are right for those positions.

Decide whether you will accept resumes at the event.

If you’d rather refer your candidates to apply online, keep in mind that it can be very frustrating to an excited job seeker to be told to go online to apply.  Candidates look at job fairs as a room full of potential interviews and hopefully, the right job, so they come prepared to make a good impression and get a foot in the door with your company.  Respect someone who hands you a resume by taking a look at it, asking some thoughtful questions, and giving advice or perhaps discussing your available positions, if warranted.  Then, you can offer them a tablet or iPad with your application on the spot if possible and keep the interaction encouraging and friendly.  If the candidate isn’t a good match for your current openings, take their resume for contact info and give them your business card, encouraging them to keep in touch for future openings. 

Engage your audience

Stand in front of or beside your booth.  Smile and say hello to participants even if they aren’t visiting you.  Ask engaging questions that lead to conversations with those who do stop by and generally aim to leave everyone with a positive impression of your company.

Don’t forget to follow up – with everyone

Savvy job seekers will have met with several companies during the career fair and sent out more than a few applications.  Often times, the company that follows up the fastest will rise to the top.  Failure to follow up with applicants promptly can keep you from finding the people you want now and, in the future, and can hurt your organization’s overall image. Be prepared with a good follow-up strategy for candidates you’re interested in now and those you may consider in the future.  You will create more value for your organization’s reputation and add a personal touch that applicants will appreciate.

If you didn’t find that perfect candidate – Call JFC Workforce

We’re experts in finding the best talent! So, if you didn’t find the right candidate at a career fair, call us with your job requirements and we’ll do the recruiting for you.